Trimurti Food And Kitchen Network

Trimurti’ an Indian myth about a God, with 3 faces and it’s unique characteristic known as a gigantic statue of Shiva in a cove temple on the island of Elephanta in Bombay harbour. The statue dates back to the 8th century. This awe-inspiring work of art shows Shiva with three faces which represent the three sides of his nature. The face on the left is terrible and wealthful and that on the right is beautiful and peaceful. The face looking straight ahead is calm and aloof. Here at Trimurti, we present to you an authentic taste of all over India. Bharat (known as India) the land of the exotic and enchanted with its contrary cultural practices, has performed by the truly invisible commonality of its genuine and exotic cuisine.

It is celebrated for the large variety of its dishes based on the intelligence and artful combinations of spices developed over many centuries.

The chef here at ‘Trimurti’ has put in his great effort to create & provide our “Mehman” guests with the delights of Indian culinary. It is famous for its Tandoor (clay oven), Bar B Q dishes, Nan, Roti, Palau Rice (Basmati Rice). Including exotic appetizers, curries & desserts are very well presented, as well as savory selections of vegetables & non-vegetables. Pakoras & Salad Bar are for your sampling.

We value your knowledge at Trimurti, which will be a memorable one. The authenticity of INDIAN cuisine served by our staff will help make your visit a very delightful one. We personal thank you for your support and enjoy your dining experience at ‘TRIMURTI.’